Meet the Team

Inyoung Choi (News Director)

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As the main host and producer of the KZSU News Hour, Inyoung is interested in engaging conversations with individuals from different spheres – she desires to learn about both academia and industry, the humanities and sciences, and urban and rural communities. Thank you for Being Young with Inyoung!

Our News Team

Darlene Franklin (Interim News Director)

Notice: In Winter Quarter 2018 (January – March), Darlene Franklin will temporarily take the role as Interim News Director.  During this time period, please direct all inquiries regarding the news hour to Darlene at:

Gillian Brassil (Correspondent, Stanford Daily)


Gillian Brassil is a junior studying Communication and Creative Writing. She is a varsity synchronized swimmer and editor for The Stanford Daily. Gillian serves as the Daily liaison for KZSU News Hour and loves sharing the top stories that affect everyone at Stanford.

Dave Scherer

David Scherer has lived in Palo Alto with his wife for about 18 years and has two sons that attend Paly high school. He started volunteering at KZSU a year ago and joined the News Department in the Spring of 2017.  David likes to draw attention to local non-profits organizations that help local underserved communities by conducting interviews with the founders, employees, and volunteers that make them tick. The hope is that through these interviews, KZSU listeners will find an organization that they can support to help meet the needs of our community.


Soft-Biz, hosted by Maitreyee, is a podcast which covers software and management.
Experts share their knowledge, experience and vision that is shaping the software industry. I shall bring you interesting news “bytes” from the software industry!

Goggles Optional


Goggles Optional is a podcast where scientists from Stanford University provide their professional yet humorous takes from the world of science. Join us as our hosts explore the significant news and discoveries of the week using a combination of wit, analogies, and words with less than four syllables

Modern Tek News

Modern Tek News updates KZSU listeners on the latest developments and greatest minds in technology.